Cloud Token: Initial Coin Offering – Dont Miss Out!

DON’T MISS OUT! Learn More Cloud Token ICO: Important Updates: Buy Cloud Tokens (CLD) with Credit Card! Users can now already use their Cloud tokens (CLD) to buy cloud services %50 off at Users can still buy tokens for $10 each before they hit the exchanges on 21st September. Tokens are set to hit exchanges and be trade-able on

1st Online Bitcoin Lottery Games

Lottery is no doubt the most popular game in regulated legal gambling. The simplicity and excitement of playing lottery is unmatched and that’s why people throng lottery more than any other game in Las Vegas. Blackjack and other games are boring and if you want a good time with a chance to win a jackpot,

NEM is a Sleeping Giant

Most altcoins are nothing more than forks of other blockchains. They address perceived needs but are not designed to handle what happens when the demand and volume stress the system. Even Bitcoin, the $40 plus billion cryptocurrency, has become a coin where transactions can take several minutes to be completed due to a poor design.