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Cloud Token ICO:

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ICOs are Initial Coin Offerings for new coins entering the market similar to the Initial Public Offer of companies in the stock exchange. All around you, you can see different ICOs being floated around. Some are one-time only while other try to follow the cryptocurrencies before and give a sustainable model in their white paper to be able to attract all the investors. is a cloud computing services provider who have an ICO currently going on. It wants to create a coin based on Ethereum to provide secure and reliable cloud services that will be decentralized and maintained by an army of developers just like the blockchain itself.

Now why is their approach to doing things garnering such a good response from the investors? They also claim their cloud technology could change the world for the good just like the blockchain changed the world forever.

The token is called the “cloud token” and is currently valued at $10 by the company although under the ICO you can enjoy up to 20% discount. There are over 3 million tokens that are going to be created by the company for the ICO and they hope to put it to good use.

Much of the world’s servers are hosted and managed by these huge server companies that are considered really powerful. The aims to shake up the whole system and usher a new era in cloud services by providing decentralized peer-to-peer cloud services to the internet users around the world. The ICO is underway and the tokens can be purchases via bitcoin, Ether, and even wire transfer and credit cards right now.

“We’re driving meaningful evolution that enables millions of people to access the power of professional cloud services at a fraction of the cost and in undeveloped countries,” said Asaf Zamir, CTO of

While $300 million hardly means an evangelical approach to give cheaper computing to the less fortunate in today’s IT world, it is a step in the right direction. They are calling it the “crowd cloud”. While it may not be the decentralized internet that is such an in concept right now that involves the entire network being operated like the cloud services they are offering right now, it is the step in the right direction.

The white paper of the company has much in-depth details that gives a blue-print for the decentralized cloud hosted cloud-based applications for millions of users around the world with this initial money. Individuals who want to become a part of this cheap network will give a small space inside their redundant computer resources via globally deployed grid nodes. This will help the whole system behave like a blockchain cloud grid that will be managed and maintained by a decentralized team of developers and contributors.

So, basically this futuristic concept takes the idea of blockchain and implements it onto the cloud computing. It is a monumental move if successful and it will change the internet as we know it. While the concept is not actually new since when the blockchain was first developed, many predicted that it could be used for the internet of the future.

But is among the pioneering companies to be actually able to pull it off.

The company aims to deploy these grid nodes around the world that will act as the infrastructure on which the entire new system will be built. A unique Decentralized Application Protocol has also been developed based on Ethereum.

This protocol will allow easy deployment of basic cloud services like cloud-based peer-to-peer media services, banking and other applications entirely on the cloud which will ensure anonymity and security.

The team is extremely excited about that part and they are optimistic they will raise $300 million to fund their dream project. It will definitely ruffle some feathers of the big data giants and shake up the entire internet status quo in my opinion. From SMEs to big corporations the new cloud based decentralized services would mean a paradigm shift is happening. But, will they jump ship of conventional cloud to be with a new player like

Some skepticism will remain as the project may seem novel to many Computer Science scientists and specialists. It has never been tried before and even if they deploy the grid nodes and set up a system, they will encounter challenges of the kind no one has experience before. This is the real cloud computing dream we are talking about here. A completely decentralized peer-to-peer computing service! We are living in amazing times, people but don’t get too crushed if their tech faces some ground reality issues. I hope they can overcome the obstacles and be successful.

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Cloud Token ICO: