1st Online Bitcoin Lottery Games

Crypto LottoLottery is no doubt the most popular game in regulated legal gambling. The simplicity and excitement of playing lottery is unmatched and that’s why people throng lottery more than any other game in Las Vegas. Blackjack and other games are boring and if you want a good time with a chance to win a jackpot, lottery is your game.

Official online lottery websites such as Lottosend.com are popular and many similar online lotto brands exist today and thrive in the online world. Bitcoin lotteries are getting more famous as they use bitcoins, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world right now and using them is much less of a hassle. Now you can just connect the bitcoin lottery websites with your wallet, play the number of bitcoin you want to spend and then you are good to go.

Some of the benefits of playing lottery online are:

  • Proven to be fair
  • Low fees
  • No location based limitations as most of the lotteries in fiat currencies are only available in a countries around the globe
  • Winnings instantly paid via bitcoin and so you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your hands on your money

Many of these lottery websites have also developed their own blockchain and essentially function as a Decentralized Autonomous Application. (Dapp). They use twitter to mathematically generated the winning numbers and all of this automation makes the whole lottery cheat-proof and very open-source. Normal lotteries are rigged and have been pursued by the National Gaming Commission for rigging.

These lotteries not only show their code, each of their actions are open for you to see and thus you can bet your money without  fear of being conned. Here are just a few good bitcoin lotteries available on the internet:

  • Live lottery games in Cloudbet
  • Live Lotto in BitCasino
  • Lottery Games in MBit Casino
  • Live Lottery Games in BitStarz
  • Satoshi Lottery

There are numerous other sites that offer bitcoin lottery that is easy and fun to use. With the world of cryptocurrency exploding right now, you need to learn to play with bitcoin too because fiat currencies aren’t going to last long in the online world!